Web Apps, E-Commerce and Brick-and-Mortar POS

Pliosoft build world-class browser apps that are secure and fast. Our point-of-sale system has a browser mode, and supports card-present & contactless payments, inventory management, and more.

Virtual Reality

We have experience developing for the HTC Vive, and can help turn your virtual-reality idea into reality.

UX, Branding and Interface Design

Pliosoft does design and UX.

iOS and Android

Pliosoft builds apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. We'll build it from scratch or join your team.

Advanced Programming

Advanced programming includes hard problems like machine learning, custom compilers for DSLs, source-to-source transformation, protocol & API design, massively parallel computing, automatically generating implementations from specifications, and more.

We'll build software that breaks new ground. Contact us for more details on how we'll solve your big problem.

About Pliosoft

Pliosoft builds software. We're good at it, and we'll do it for you.


You have enough problems growing your business. Pliosoft can help grow your technology so that it can keep up with your plans.


We'll help you build your idea into a business. Pliosoft will build with you to make it a reality.


There's a lot of companies selling design. But it's hard getting a design that works. Part of design is how all the parts work together, and Pliosoft thinks a coherent design can change the world.


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For general enquiries or to discuss a new project email or call 1-888-220-3520. Follow @pliosoft for updates.

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