Point of Sale System

Emporio is stable, fast, secure, and directly supports a range of receipt and pinpad devices. Use any computer, iOS, or Android device to securely make sales. It works best for grocery stores, ski hills, and retail stores where transaction speed is very important.

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  • Stand Alone
  • unlimited employees
  • unlimited customers
  • inventory management
  • $485

    per register
  • Multi-Register
  • Everything from Stand Alone
  • unlimited on-site registers
  • accept and sell gift cards
  • $3,485

    per outlet
  • Complete
  • Everything in Multi-Register
  • Loyalty cards
  • ticketing, rentals & season passes
  • $8,485

    per outlet

Fuses Best of Cloud and On-premises

You install the core software locally so you can run transactions at any time, internet or not. your data never leaves your premises without your permission. We use cloud to augment and improve the offline experience, but you maintain custody of your data. Your privacy is always respected.

Credit Cards, Interac, Gift & more

We partner with Canada's biggest payment processor so that you can accept credit cards, interac, gift cards, cash, loyalty cards, and more, instantly and directly.

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Backups & Export

No need to worry about backups. Your customer lists and sales history are among your most valuable assets. At your request we can store secure encrypted backups of your data. You can also manage your own backup server if you prefer. We use advanced elliptic curve cryptography to ensure no one but you has access to your financials  including us. If you're not happy with Emporio, we'll help you migrate by exporting your data to industry standard formats. Seriously.

Modern User Interface

Our system uses modern GUI design principles combined with efficient keyboard shortcuts so that your employees can process transactions as quickly as possible. We take user interface and experience serious, so if something isn't as fast as possible, open an issue and we'll make it right.

Security, Auditing, and Validation

Emporio lets you assign fine-grained security. Each employee can have custom access to virtually every feature of the system, or you can assign pre-designed categories.

Emporio has cryptographically verified auditing and analysis features built in, which means you have powerful tools for verifying the truth and detecting fraud. This feature extends to your paper trail, which include barcodes containing a digital signature that allows you to detect paper-trail tampering.


Contact us for reasonable pricing on custom versions, modules, or extensions.

Also included in your purchase:

  • Unlimited email support
  • Three months of full phone support, including personal 1-on-1 walk-through phone-call if you like.